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Asana is a posture that can be held at complete physical stillness without any strain or fatigue till the mind reaches a state of equilibrium and achieves oneness with the spirit. The mind should be at a state of surrender or devotion while holding an asana. One should not think that one is the doer, because that is when the ego comes in and the asana becomes mere physical exercise. That is why Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra describes asana as “sthiram sukham asanam” or that which is comfortable and steady.

There are five important elements to an asana. Since there is a wide range of movement while doing an asana, proper alignment of the body is necessary to avoid injuries. This is the EARTH principle of asana, that of alignment and stability, which consequently, is reflected in the mental stability achieved by a practitioner.

As most injuries take place while transitioning in or out of an asana, fluidity of movement and gracefulness is of utmost importance. This is the WATER principle of asana, that of natural, graceful movements that encourages the flow of blood and prana. This is reflected in the journey of life, which the practitioner must go through with grace without worrying about the final destination.

The bodily heat generated through asana increases the metabolic rate and destroys impurities. This is the FIRE principle of asana, and is reflected in the transformation and radiance of the Self.

Practices of breath awareness in asana and pranayama increase oxygen levels in the blood, which helps the practitioner cope with the stresses and demands of daily life. Retention of breath, for example, trains the body to withstand high levels of stress or lowers stress levels in those who are highly stressed. This is the AIR principle of asana, which is reflected in the carefree mind and thought.

A student performing asanas for the first time begins by feeling a change in the physical body. From increased blood circulation, temperature change and increased ability to control stress, the student eventually reaches a state of understanding prana or the life force. This is known as the ETHER principle of asana and can be only attained through the care and guidance of a good teacher.

The proper understanding of these elements allows a student practitioner to move from the tamasic state of laziness, to the rajasic state of aggression and ego to achieve the final sattvic state of being at one with the body, mind and spirit.

At YogasopanamTM Wellness we work upon inculcating these elements in any student of asana so as to help the student evolve through yoga. Our practices focus on perfect alignment, fluidity and grace, symbolism and visualization. We believe in maintaining the root of tradition and teaching yoga as taught by the ancient masters.

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YogasopanamTM Wellness comprehends the needs and constraints of the corporate man. We offer tailor made packages to suit a person according to his time, age and occupation.

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Deepa believes
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Pregnancy is the
most beautiful
experience in the
life of a woman.

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