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Healing is the essence of yoga. This is all the more relevant today, when man’s search for material success has led to serious diseases of the body and mind. Regular practice of yoga helps a person heal both physically and mentally. It is indeed a fortunate person who is blessed by the divine hand of yoga.

Experts at YogasopanamTM Wellness believe that the right approach and suitable therapy can help each and everyone overcome major hurdles and face life’s challenges with equanimity. The tools of compassion and wisdom instilled in us by our Masters helps us restore equilibrium of the body and mind resulting in a healthy, stress free life.

Based on the need of the hour and the limitations of modern man, our therapy programmes are custom made to suit individual needs. We believe that each human body has a language and rhythm all of its own, which it would like to communicate to the Universe. If one is not attuned to it, healing takes longer than expected. At YogasopanamTM Wellness, we spend time understanding your needs and developing therapy programmes accordingly.

Our experts can handle anything from hypertension, diabetes, slip disc or herniated disc issues, cervical spondylosis, muscle tear, knee and shoulder dislocation, digestive disorders, depression and more. We even accommodate individual issues - with as much care and monitoring as possible - in group sessions for cost effectiveness to the student.

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Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience in the life of a woman. It is a magical journey where she connects to her unborn child, bit by bit, with body, mind and spirit. However, hormonal and bodily changes can wreck havoc on her spirit causing her to feel listless, tired and discouraged. Practicing pre natal yoga can give a whole new dimension to pregnancy, making the experience a spiritual one with vitality, calmness and health. As a result, the mother to be is able to experience a deeper and more loving bond with her yet to be born child. According to some native Americans spiritual nature is a gift to the seed sown in the womb.

Yogasopanam: Pre-Natal Yoga

Pre natal yoga helps provide lubrication to the body by strengthening the abdomen, opening the spine, firming the back and widening the pelvis for easy delivery. Pranayama or breathing techniques help keep the prana or energy flowing freely by removing harmful toxins and calming the nervous system. Meditation enables the mother to be to think positive, thereby allowing her to foster a deeper bond with the child in her womb. A sattvic diet of whole grains, oats, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables provides energy and maintains balanced emotions.

Establishing your yoga sadhana through pregnancy will also help you through the inevitable stress and exhaustion post delivery.


Yoga practice in the post natal stage helps the body to correct hormonal imbalances resulting in a calmer, happier, new mother. Post natal yoga also helps the body get back to shape, strengthens and realigns the spine, purges the digestive tract of surging acids, provides energy and reduces the risk of post natal depression. It encourages the harried new mother believe that she is still beautiful and helps her connect with her partner once again.

Yogasopanam: Post-Natal Yoga

Through pregnancy and post delivery, yoga becomes a constant friend and a source of inner strength that helps the mother to be the unconditional self that she is meant to be.


YogasopanamTM Wellness comprehends the needs and constraints of the corporate man. We offer tailor made packages to suit a person according to his time, age and occupation.

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Deepa believes
in practicing yoga
from the heart
and soul.

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Pregnancy is the
most beautiful
experience in the
life of a woman.

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  Yogasopanam: Testimonial

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